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Children's health and wellbeing

Children’s Health and Wellbeing

• Promoting children and young people’s wellbeing is a key part of keeping them safe, helping them develop and ensuring they have positive outcomes into adulthood* (*Source: Public Health England, 2015).
• We aim to provide your child with an enabling environment where they can express themselves freely, developing self- confidence, self-awareness and access the full range of resources on offer.
• We support children to take turns, share, collaborate and work together.
• We operate a Key person system to support all the children and their parents.
• We provide a home visit to form a positive, strong bond with both you and your child.
• We have a full safeguarding policy and up-to-date procedures to ensure Felixstowe Nursery is a safe environment for your child.
• We operate a Password system for collection of your child to keep them safe at all times

Felixstowe Nursery School

We follow British values - which means

• We respect the cultures and beliefs of others
• We know that we are all special
• We treat everyone equally
• We understand right from wrong
• We try to help others
• We listen and respect other’s opinions
• We understand the consequences of our actions
• We respect the roles of people who help us

• We like to teach our children in our care some simple rules – kind hands, kind feet, kind words. Which means learning right from wrong, dealing with consequences, and helping them to manage their feelings and behaviours
• We help children to have a positive sense of themselves, through positive praise we build self-esteem and self-confidence.
• It is important to us to include all festivals, cultures, and beliefs in our curriculum.
• We promote a Cultural capital – Building on early experiences and interests. Giving your child an awe and wonder of the world around them. We promote giving them opportunities to explore new experiences.
• We promote good health and hygienic practice – including the need to wash hands before snack time and meal times
• Our staff are all first aid trained and therefore able to act appropriately should a medical emergency happen, or your child is unwell.
• We encourage both indoor and outdoor play to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Felixstowe Nursery School

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Ambulance Hall, Ataka Road, Felixstowe, IP11 9DH


07905 504005

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