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Children's personal safety

Children’s personal safety
• All staff and regular staff have been checked for criminal records by having an enhanced disclosure from the Disclosure and Barring service.
• A minimum of two staff members are present at all times with the children.
• Children are supervised at all times.
• Staff and volunteers adhere to safeguarding policies and procedures.
• Risk assessments are carried out to ensure our activities and premises do not compromise the children’s safety.
• All resources /equipment are checked to ensure they are safe, clean, free from damage and appropriate for their purpose.

Felixstowe Nursery
Felixstowe Nursery


Systems are in place to ensure the safe arrival and departure of the children

• Systems are in place to prevent unauthorised persons from entering our setting.
• We operate a password system, parents give us a password and persons collecting their child will have to provide the password to collect the child.
• All visitors to the setting will need to sign in, the time of their arrival and departure are documented.
• Children arriving and departing early are documented.
• All children are entered into the daily register on arrival.
• Our systems prevent children from leaving the premises unnoticed.
• All staff and volunteers private possessions are securely stored during session.
• A high chain lock prevents children from entering the kitchen area unattended.
• Children can only be collected from the setting by authorised persons.

We have a closed Facebook page which is only open for parents/guardians of children at nursery. Each day we upload photos of what we have been doing we also post notices to parents, an easy form of communication.

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Ambulance Hall, Ataka Road, Felixstowe, IP11 9DH


07905 504005

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